Laila's Story

April 21st Update
We are almost there!
After an eventful 11 days in Sheffield Children's Hospital, Laila has finally taken her last dose of Methotrexate (a heavy cancer treatment medication). Long use of this medication has damaged her kidneys and her last medication did more harm than good. Long story short, she needed a dose of glucarpidase to help break down the methotrexate in her blood. This medication is very expensive and had to be obtained from Oxford.

The good news is, there were no traces of cancer in her leg or in her lungs on the last test!
Her journey is far from over but with your support we can make it through. No more chemotherapy sessions, but she needs to remain in remission. Tests will continue to be carried out for a period of 12 months to make sure cancer cells don’t come back.
Her friends and family continue to support her and will be attending the London marathon to raise money for her.
We want to take this time and thank you all for your support, every little grain counts. Life can take unexpected turns.
“We don’t know how strong we are until being strong is the only choice we have.”

Laila Lo is an amazing, charismatic and confident 11 year old girl who is very passionate and dedicated in life. Unfortunately, in July 2022, she was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma or more commonly referred to as bone cancer.
Her battle for life then began as she has undergone multiple chemotherapy sessions. These treatments are being held at the Sheffield Children’s hospital, and her surgery at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital. As we may all be aware, cancer isn’t an easy battle but Laila’s spirit and positive energy have remained unbroken throughout these times; the thought of her living a normal life is what keeps her undying smile.
We here at care truly about people affected by this illness and we want to support Laila in all ways possible. All funds collected will go towards her having the trip of her dreams, and of course, to support the two great institutions who have been providing treatment for her to the best of their ability.  comes from the heart.
We are hereby asking for your kind donation in any amount you wish, as long as it comes from the heart. You can use the “Tip” button at checkout to do so or you can also visit any of the embedded links to help contribute towards this cause. Together we may not change the entire world, but we can change someone’s life.
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