Mineral Powder

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Mineral Powder
Are you looking for highly sought-after Mineral Powders to craft your favourite weapons in Fortnite Save the World? Your search has just become a whole lot easier!
Get Mineral Powders on StwDeals at excellent prices.

Here, you can get every Mineral Powder variant that you'll find on Fortnite STW, as well as those unobtainable through regular gameplay.
If you find striking empty rocks and felling trees searching for Mineral Powders a boring, tiring process, then this is your best deal. Make your game time a more exciting, action-packed experience.

Mineral Powders are used very frequently in crafting weapons and traps in Fortnite Save the World, but they come in different types as follows:

Rough Mineral Powder
This is the most commonly found and is used for Tier 1 weapon schematics. Found throughout Stonewood.

Simple Mineral Powder
Used for crafting Tier 2 weapons and traps. Found in Plankerton.

Fine-Grain Mineral Powder
Used for crafting Tier 3 items and is obtainable in Canny Valley.

Char-Black Mineral Powder
Char-Black Mineral Powder is meant for crafting Tier 4 weapons and traps. It typically drops in several locations throughout Twine Peaks.

Oxidized Mineral Powder
This is found in Twine Peaks and is used for crafting Tier 5 items.

Spectral Mineral Powder
You can't find Spectral Mineral Powder while playing Fortnite STW. It’s only procurable through online purchase or by trading with other players in-game.

Although you can pass hours searching and accumulating mineral powder, most STW fans don't see it as a desirable use of their time. Such hours can be better spent combating monsters with fabulous weapons. That's where we come in.
At StwDeals, we help you take the grunt work out of Fortnite STW so you can spend your hours doing the things you love.

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