Crafting Materials

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Crafting materials
Building items is an essential strategy to survive and upgrade weapons on Fortnite Save the World. You need crafting materials to accomplish that. You obtain crafting items by searching whatever object you stumble upon while playing. You also get them as rewards from Quests and Expeditions.
But truth be told, these materials are difficult and take so long to amass in order to upgrade or craft a complete weapon, trap, or ammunition.
Not to worry; we've done the hard part for you! On StwDeals, get any and every crafting material you'll ever need on Fortnite STW.
Whether you find yourself in Canney Valley or Stonewood, you'll have more time to enjoy gameplay rather than farming crafting materials.

Types of crafting materials
There are 3 main types of crafting materials on Fortnite STW:
Basic (Non-Tiered) Ingredients
Some basic ingredients will drop for you without your effort throughout the game. However, some are so hard to come by, and you may have to wait ages to find just that one ingredient to complete the list of what you need to craft a weapon. StwDeals saves you the time.

Basic Ingredients include Active Powercells, Adhesive Resin, Bacon, Batteries, Coal, Flower Petals, Fibrous Herbs, Honey, Nuts 'n' Bolts, Planks, Quartz Crystal, Rotating Gizmos and Rough Ore.

Limited Availability (Tiered) Ingredients
These ingredients can only be found in certain locations throughout the game map. For example, you can only find higher-tiered ingredients when in locations with higher Player Level requirements. These include Mechanical Parts, Crystal, Mineral Powder, Ore and Twine.

Refined Ingredients
You can find refined ingredients in chests or create them yourself by merging basic ingredients. Blast Powder and Duct Tape are refined ingredients.

Fortnite STW fans are in unanimous agreement that scavenging items is one of the most irksome and boring parts of the game. Yet, it's highly essential since building materials is required in nearly all missions.
Save yourself the stress. Make your Fortnite STW experience much more enjoyable by purchasing your crafting items on StwDeals.

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