1/1 Weapons

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1/1 Weapons
1/1 (One of a kind) weapons are the rarest and most sought-after by players, but your search is over. Waste no more time and get a 1/1 Weapon on StwDeals.

From Water and Energy Obliterator to Seigebreaker and everything in between, 1/1 weapons are so rare that you'll only find one variant per each weapon type on Fortnite STW. They are exclusive, and yeah, they are known for their unrivalled levels of damage.
With a one-of-a-kind weapon on STW, you'd be crushing those enemies that were once intimidating. Get your 1/1 Weapon now on StwDeals.

Vamped to inflict maximum critical damage, elemental damage, and to the fastest reload speed, 1/1 weapons are undoubtedly the most formidable weapon you can wrap your hands around on Fortnite Save the World.

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