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Blast your enemies to pieces with our Fortnite STW Explosive Weapons.
With their impressive blast radius, you can take out a hoard of enemies from a distance with one shot.

Although each explosive comes with different specifications, they are all powered up to level 130 and god-rolled. Each explosive is also equipped with one element. With such capabilities, you're sure to inflict a great deal of damage to multiple monsters simultaneously.

Most explosives weapons are such that use explosive ammunition. Hence, each shot would send out an explosive rocket that may pierce through and destroy whatever enemies lined up in its path.

Purchase your rocket ammo and energy cells on our ammunition page.
Explosives are also the most effective for bringing structures to rumbles, whether they are wood, stone, or metal.

However, always fire your explosives far away from you since they may inflict damage on you if you're within their blast radius.

Notably, Constructors would find explosive weapons most advantageous as their damage radius and speed suits a Constructor's playing style.
Generally, explosives are difficult to craft and have low durability. To avoid wasting valuable time that you should be using to enjoy Fortnite STW, grab your god-rolled explosive weapons on StwDeals at affordable rates.

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