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Traps are extremely handy in Fortnite Save the World. Being very diverse, some traps can be used to eliminate enemies, defend structures, or even heal players. And by purchasing your Traps from StwDeals, you just took your game to a whole new level.
All traps available for purchase on StwDeals are supercharged to power 144, the highest power level attainable in the game! And what's more? They are all god-rolled and possess the best perk setup possible - max perks!

With our Ceiling Traps, Floor Traps, and Wall Traps, you've got every trap you need on Fortnite STW. You're sure going to boss those bad guys around. Grab yours now!
Traps on Fortnite STW come in different types. While Floor Spikes, Traps Floor Traps, and Broadsides slow down enemies and weaken enemies tremendously, Cozy Campfires and Healing Pads help players recover.

Whatever playing style you've opted for, you'll need traps throughout Fortnite STW.
Types of Traps
Traps can be categorized according to where they are set up:

Floor Traps
You'll typically use this when defending your fort. Floor traps cause damage to enemies from the floor.

Wall Traps
Wall traps are best for preventing enemies from getting close to your walls as they cause damage from long range.

Ceiling Traps
Ceiling traps inflict the most tremendous damage. They are unleashed from the ceiling and are best used as the first or last line of defence due to their reliability.

We can also categorize traps according to functionality as follows:

Defensive Traps
These deal effective damage per second to any enemy within range. You can boost the level of damage by powering up your Skill Tree and Survivor Squads.

Utility Traps
Utility traps mainly increase the health of players. Additionally, certain Utility Traps can stop husks from spawning.

You can win Traps throughout the game as mission rewards or in several locations. You can also craft whichever trap you need. All the same, you may want to save yourself the trouble of scavenging.
If you'd like to spend more time enjoying Fortnite STW, purchase your Traps here.

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