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Fortnite Save The World Assault Rifles

Fire away with the deadliest Assault Rifles Fortnite STW can offer. Find ray guns, semi-automatics, full automatics, and a host of other Assault Rifle categories at affordable prices.
All assault rifles, regardless of category, that you'll find on StwDeals are 130 weapons, fully maxed out, god-rolled, and with one elemental damage.
Assault rifles are an extremely crucial weapon in Fortnite STW and make the survival game much more compelling. With your guns blazing in front of a sea of enemies, you can't help but feel the heat.
Whether you're playing as a Soldier, Outlander, or any other class, assault Rifles are a must-have on Fortnite STW.

Different Types of Assault Rifles
Although all the Assault Rifles on StwDeals are 130 and god-rolled, they are classified based on their rate of fire.

Auto Rifles
Very rapid firing with a regular flow of ammunition; typically use light bullets. Auto rifles are perfect for Soldiers, Outlanders, Ninjas, and Constructors.
Semi-Auto Rifles
You may think less of the Semi-Auto Rifle for its one-bullet shot. But its spectacular accuracy, jaw-dropping headshot, and regular shot make it a weapon every Fortnite STW player wants to have in their arsenal.

Burst Rifles
This type of rifle fires bursts of ammunition and has a better target from mid-range than Auto Rifles. They also inflict more damage than Auto and are suitable for Soldiers, Constructors, and Outlanders.

Fully automatic Assault Rifles that inflict nature damage to enemies. And notably, all elemental enemies are susceptible to nature damage, so you're never on the losing end when equipped with a Raygun.

LMG Rifles
Light Machine Guns (LMG) Rifles are known for their high-speed firing rate, immense damage, and capacity to hold an incredible amount of ammo. However, their target inaccuracy when in motion makes them more suitable for close-up combat. Great for Outlanders, Soldiers, and Constructors.

Surgical Rifles
This type of Assault Rifle fires three rounds of ammo with each burst. They use medium-sized bullets.

Single-Shot Rifles
What Single-Shot Rifles lack in firing rate they make up for accuracy. Having a smaller clip size and using Shells 'n' Slugs as their ammo, a Single-Shot Rifle carries fewer bullets than Semi-Auto Rifles.

Doubleshot/Dualshot Rifles
Dualshot Rifles fill the gap between semi-automatic and burst rifles in that they fire two rounds of bullets at each burst and are accurate at long distances. If you're looking for a Fortnite STW Assault Rifle with the best headshot, it's the Dualshot Rifle. Best for Soldiers, Outlanders, and Constructors.
Enjoy the best of your STW game time by purchasing your 130 Assault Rifles on

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