Sniper Rifles

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Sniper Rifles
What better way to take out formidable enemies than giving them headshots from afar without even knowing what hit them?

With powered Sniper Rifles on StwDeals, that's what you can do.
Our sniper rifles are god-rolled and maxed out to their fullest potential, level 130. This means you can take out out tough enemies from afar with just one shot and with incredible precision!

You'll find medium to long-range rifles all fully powered, containing max perks and inflicting elemental damage on elemental enemies.
Note that you'll always need ammunition for your sniper rifle. Head now to our ammo page so you never run out of stock.

As you'll immediately notice, each Sniper Rifle you'll find here is very different from the one before it. While some have relatively large magazine sizes, others require a reload after every shot. And where some have a scope, others need you to look through the iron sights. Not to worry; each rifle deals annihilative damage. Just be sure to use only when you're not surrounded because you'll be making do with a slow rate of fire and reload speed.

Waste no time scavenging and grinding. Spend more time sniping sway monsters by purchasing PL 130 Sniper Rifles on StwDeals.

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