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Squash your enemies from close range with our 130-powdered, god-rolled Submachine Guns (SMG)
Due to their rapid firing rate and fatal damage, Submachine Guns are every player's favourite in Fortnite STW. From Typewriters and Hemlocks to Thrashers and vipers, select from our wide range of 130-powered SMGs and fire down your enemies with a stream of bullets.
If you need more ammunition for your already purchased SMG, kindly visit our ammo page.

When your enemies are up close, SMGs are undoubtedly the best weapons to gun them down in Fortnite STW. Their rapid-fire and high damage per second is most effective when your target is in proximity.
However, this weapon wouldn't be your best choice when the enemy is at a distance. The bullets are sprayed out in rapid streams such that that hitting your target and dealing much damage from afar becomes difficult. Hence, a recommended tactic is to switch to an SMG only when the enemy is close.
Also, be mindful of your available ammo when firing your SMG in Fortnite STW. The rate is so rapid that the weapons tend to use up lots of bullets in a little time. This reinforces why you should use them only when you want to deal enormous damage to a close-up husk.

By purchasing your god-rolled 130-powered SMG on Fortnite STW, combating those fierce monsters become a fascinating experience.

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