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Have you gotten yourself in close-range hand-to-hand combat on Fortnite Save the World? Forget the guns; beat down these husks using full-powered Melees.
From blunt hammers to swords and axes, our Melee weapons on StwDeals are powered to PL 130 and god-rolled with max perks, meaning you'd be unleashing devastating damage to enemies from up close. They think they got you, but Nah! You've got them in the palm of your hand.

These Melee weapons have an additional advantage of dealing elemental damage on enemies. Each Melee is laced with Fire, Energy, Physical, or Nature Damage.
They also come with high knockback potential, giving you the ability to knock down tougher husks much quickly.

If you're a Ninja class fighter, you don't want to do without a Melee weapon. Ninja class already have that passive ability to use manual weapons; thus they deal more damage with melees than any other class. Their agility also makes them more capable of moving in and out of enemies' range quickly.

Make your hand-to-hand combats more exciting by getting yourself matched up against those strong husks. Get an affordable Melee Weapon now on StwDeals.

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