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Ores & Crystals
Ores and crystals are some of the most common crafting materials used in Fortnite STW.

Obtained as mission rewards or through drops, they are essential components for crafting most weapons in STW.
And no matter what Ore or Crystal you're searching for, be sure to find them here on StwDeals.

You can also choose to buy them in bulk or small amounts according to your schematics. Get yours now and make your crafting process a whole lot faster!

You will find most types of Ore in containers, caves, and mountains, and when you destroy rocks using a pickaxe. Notably, there are four types of ores on Fortnite STW based on level:

Copper Ore - This is the type every newbie Fortnite player will first come across. Used for crafting Tier 1 weapons. You will most likely find this in Stonewood

Silver Ore - Used for crafting Tier 2 weapons; also mostly found in Stonewood and Plankerton.

Malachite Ore - Used for crafting Tier 3 weapons; mostly found in Stonewood and Plankerton.

Obsidian Ore - Used for crafting Tier 4 weapons; found mainly in Twine Peaks.

Brightcore Ore - This is the most valuable Ore in Fortnite STW, used for crafting Tier 5 weapons. It can be discovered in different locations throughout Twine Peaks.

Spectrolite Ore - You can't find Spectrolite Ores in-game. They're only obtainable by trading with other players or purchasing online.

You only need crystals When crafting weapons in Tier 4 and higher. Notably, you have two options when upgrading a weapon's schematic to Tier 4: you can choose to upgrade to an Ore or the Crystal version of that weapon Tier. Although Crystal-crafted weapons inflict an extra 20% base damage, they come with a 10% lower firing rate and are also less durable than other Ore-crafted weapons of the same Tier.
Some crystals only appear in specific areas on the map. But generally, you'll find most of them in caves, chests, and after completing missions. You can also strike rocks with harvesting tools to release the gem.

There are five different types of Crystals in Fortnite STW, all available here for purchase.

Quartz Crystals - Essential for creating certain traps and are valuable in most other weapons. You can find them in several locations.

Moonglow Crystals - Essential components of Tier 6 weapons. However, you can only purchase them online as they are unavailable in-game.

Rainbow Crystals - These are also used to build Tier 6 weapons but are also unavailable in regular gameplay.

Shadowshard Crystals - You will often need Shadowshard Crystals when crafting Tier 4 weapons. They are often found in Twine Peaks and less frequently in Canny Valley.

Sunbeam Crystals - For crafting Tier 5 crystals; only discoverable in Twine Peaks.

If crafting weapons is fun for you, then you'd find Ores and Crystals immensely valuable and essential. Upgrade weapons, craft new ones, build structures and traps and level up your game.
But you can avoid spending hours searching for these Ores and Crystals. Get them on StwDeals and make your game time a much more action-packed experience.

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