144 Weapons

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144 Weapons
144 Weapons are the latest additions on Fortnite Save the World. These items are supercharged to PL 144, meaning they're even badder than the 130 weapons! But they take so much longer to scavenge and harvest.
But you can save yourself the frustrating stress and get all your PL 144 items here on StwDeals. Become the first among your friends to own these, and I bet they'd be calling you "Lord of Fortnite" in no time.

Power level 144 weapons are now the items with the highest power you can get on Fortnite STW. No matter how small they may look, they inflict jaw-dropping damage.
However, these items are currently exclusive.

To get a 144 weapon, you need to first have the one that's already maxed out to 130. You then use superchargers to vamp it up to 144, which is the current maximum power level. However, this is a long, gruelling process you shouldn't have to go through.
We offer PL 144 Weapons on StwDeals, god-rolled with max perks and full durability, whether you already have a 130 or not.

By purchasing these items, you instantly earn the right to brag as one of the first players ever to accomplish this feat!

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