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Find all the power level 130 weapons anyone can ever acquire in Fortnite STW, all god-rolled with maximum durability. As you probably already know, 130 is the highest upgrade any weapon can attain on Fortnite STW without the use of weapon superchargers. So, buying any of these items means you can use them to their full extent and begin dominating missions without having to play several difficulty levels.

From Nocturno to Sniper Rifles and Thrashers to V6 Launchers, grab any destructive weapon of your choice and lay waste to frightening monsters.
You can buy the 130 items individually or opt for a random selection in quantities of 25, 50, 75, and 100.
Any gun, bow, or melee weapon you buy here has been vamped to its maximum potential and would be extremely valuable during gameplay.
However, some 130 weapons are more lethal than others. Their powers are determined by the amount of elemental damage they deal on enemies.
Notably, Fortnite STW has five types of Elemental Damages: Physical, Water, Energy, Nature, and Fire. You'll find these damage types assigned to all the weapons. And interestingly, some enemies and structures can only be dealt with by a particular Elemental Damage. So you can combine several weapons with various elemental damages when playing a mission in which you'll come across varying enemies and structures.

Also, note that just as some elemental enemies are more resistant to some elemental damage, some buildings are more resistant as well. For example, metal structures are more susceptible to nature elemental damage, and wooden structures are more vulnerable to fire. In like manner, Water Element Weapons do the most damage to fire enemies. And Fire Element Weapons won't do much harm to fire enemies. This is important when selecting your 130 weapons for your STW mission.
Fortnite STW has a ton of fire enemies. Hence, water element weapons are widely sought after by players. Water element weapons are also highly effective against stone buildings.
Physical element weapons do not contain any of the other elements. They, therefore, deal the most damage on natural enemies. Obviously, you'd not find Physical Element Weapons very useful against elemental enemies.
Having all the elemental weapons is an excellent way to have a well-rounded arsenal for every mission, every enemy, and every situation. And it gets a whole lot better when you get a god roll on a PL 130 item. But as every Fortnite STW fan probably knows, you'd sweat for hours before acquiring a PL 130 weapon. And even after you've succeeded, obtaining a god roll on it is almost impossible.
Not to worry; StwDeals brings all of that to you. Buy a god-roll PL 130 weapon of your choice with a single click!

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