Twine & Mechanical Parts

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Twine & Mechanical Parts
Twine and Mechanical Parts are essential requirements for crafting traps and weapons. However, they are so rare that not so many of them are found in-game.
Luckily, you can get all of them here on StwDeals, both the rare and common ones.
To avoid restocking frequently, make your purchase in large amounts. We offer up to 10,000 units of twines and mechanical parts at discounted rates.
So, spend less time looking for hard-to-find crafting materials and get all you need right here on StwDeals; make your Fortnite STW more fun and action-packed, instead of breaking down trees and boxes only to find them empty.
For the fact that twines and Mechanical Parts are extremely important for levelling up weapons, they'll always be in high demand. This is your opportunity to get them all at great prices.

Types of Twine
All Traps, melee weapons, and some pistols require Twine. However, they come in different types:
Stringy Twine - Used for crafting Tier 1 weapons and traps; found in Stonewood.
Simple Twine - A Tier 2 crafting material found in Plankerton.
Sturdy Twine - Tier 3 crafting material found in Canny Valley.
Peaky Twine - Tier 4 crafting material found in Twine Peaks.
Carved Twine - Tier 5 crafting material found in higher-level Twine Peaks locations.
Spectral Twine - Tier 6 crafting material but only obtainable through online purchase.

Types of Mechanical Parts
Players find mechanical parts inside toolboxes, mechanical items, and crates rather than in trees or rocks. You can also obtain Mechanical Parts by destroying vehicles, electrical boxes, refrigerators, and car parts using a pickaxe.
As you'd rightly guess, several powerful weapons like assault rifles and explosives require mechanical parts in their schematics. These parts come in the following types:
Rusty Mechanical Parts
Players will most likely find Rusty Mechanical Parts in Stonewood and less frequently in Plankerton. Used for crafting Tier 1 weapons.

Simple Mechanical Parts
Used for crafting Tier 2 weapons. Discoverable mostly in Plankerton and less frequently in Canny Valley.

Sturdy Mechanical Parts
Sturdy Mechanical Parts are used for crafting Tier 3 weapons. Found mostly in Canny Valley and less frequently in Twine Peaks.

Sleek Mechanical Parts
Used for crafting Tier 4 weapons. Found mostly in Canny Valley in areas with a power level above 58. Sleek Mechanical Parts are also found in Twine Peaks.

Efficient Mechanical Parts
Used for crafting Tier 5 weapons. Players will find Efficient Mechanical Parts in the more advanced areas of Twine Peaks.

Vindertech Mechanical Parts
Tier 6 crafting material for weapons and traps. You have to purchase as they can't be obtained in regular gameplay.

Purchasing Twine and Mechanical Parts on StwDeals will save you immense trouble farming these precious and rare materials. With how affordable these items are on StwDeals, playing Fortnite Save the World has just become much more fun and less gruelling.

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