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Like everywhere else, pistols on Fortnite Save the World are humble in size. However, the amount of damage they deal isn't.

Our pistols are maxed out to 130 and perfect for taking out numerous enemies when you're surrounded. Their fast loading time is also a plus for such situations.
But hey, you'll find a wide variety of STW pistols on StwDeals, and you can always select one that suits your playing style. There are lighter pistols with very fast reloading speed and heavier ones that are relatively slower but deal even more damage. Whatever your preferences, you'd always find the right pistol here.

Each pistol is god-rolled and excellent for all enemies and damage classes. They're also the perfect weapon for in-motion combat as they're super-easy to aim while running.
When firing heavier pistols, always watch your surroundings for more approaching enemies since your loading time may be a constraint. However, these weapons typically offer one-shot kills, so it can ideally get your heart pumping fast when an enemy suddenly appears up close, and you knock them down just as fast.
Don't waste any more time upgrading your weapons on Fortnite STW. Get all your fully-powered pistols on StwDeals and get on with crushing those bad guys.

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