Fortnite SUPERCHARGED LVL 136 1k traps of your choice. Limit 200 per each trap



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Fortnite Traps

1k traps of your choice. Limit 200 per each trap 


 Select any combo of 1000 with a limit of 200 of each kind

 Anti air. Broadside. Ceiling drop trap. Ceiling electric fields. Gas trap. Ceiling zappers. Flame grill. Floor freeze. Floor launcher. Healing pads. Retractable. Wall darts. Wall dynamo. Wall punchers. Wall lights. Wooden wall spikes. Wooden floor spikes. Sound walls. Tar pits



What does supercharged mean?

To get lvl 136 weapons or traps you need to have lvl 130 weapons or traps. Then use super chargers to upgrade them to lvl 136. Weapon super chargers are an epic account resource in Fortnite Save The World used to promote weapons beyond lvl 50. You can earn them by Leveling up in the new Fortnite Save the World Ventures area. 

Fortnite Save The World's New SUPERCHARGED Weapons and Traps are new to the game. Be the first to get your hands on them and flex on your friends. These Weapons and Traps are a lot of grinding to get so save yourself the many hours of playing and be first of your friends to have them.

All super charged weapons and supercharged traps are full durability and max perk.



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Disclaimer – By purchasing this item you agree we are selling you a service. You are paying for our time. This may include doings virtual task online in Fortnite Save the world such as building, trading, and assisting in game.

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