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 We have over 1 year of positive feedback! You can buy from us with 100% trust! Read all the amazing real reviews from all of our amazing customers! Thank You! 


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Great service with fast delivery
Very helpful service, fast delivery. I even got more than I ordered. I definitely recommend this site. Thank you ♥

Rayan Azizi


15 August
Stwdeals is the best site ever for geting stuffs in save the world , hennessy is the best ans stwdeals is so legit!
Joshua Brodie



2 August
Yes it is great no issues I also wanna shoutout a dude named Gemma he did great with communicating and he’s also quick and nice got everything I ordered
Manu Alanko



20 July 
StwDeals is always been 100% legit, and I also get a bonus when I buy something, for example I got Maverick shotgun today for buying 1k Brightcore ore. I recommend this site for sure! 🙂




Matt Joy Truax  recommends StwDeals.

- I had reluctance to try to purchase a squad to carry me. I imagined that I would be sitting there for hours attempting to defeat the Mythic Storm King. But after failing 100 times I decided to give STWdeals a shot. Boy did they not disappoint. Not only did they knock the challenge down on first try. It only took 10 minutes. I could not believe it! I have attempted that challenge for weeks. Powering up, rolling weapons, it never ended! Until now! Thank you STWdeals. Jason you are awesome man. What a great business concept! I am more than satisfied with my purchase! 


Jayne Vadasz  recommends StwDeals.

- STW Deals- A place where you can pick up various items to complete your missions with ease!! The online communication is exceptional, as is the quick turn-around for the items you purchase. The prices are very reasonable with items ranging between just pennies to a few dollars, depending on what it is that you;re looking for. I enjoy the personal interaction while obtaining your items, along with their fantastic tips that will help you stand out while playing your missions! I'm so thankful for the mission help that you can purchase. They will help you and provide you the mission support you need to complete your quest on your path toward the Storm King, including beating the Storm King and obtaining your Mythic Weapons!
I will continue to support this site and all of the fantastic help they continue to provide in helping me reach my online gaming goals!!
A special shout-out to: Hennessy_5000, IceyBliss and Tackydragonfly for making my experience on STWDeals exceptional!! 


Darlene Rae  recommends StwDeals.

- Excellent customer service. 10/10 will buy again! 


Michelle Herman Morgan  recommends StwDeals.

- stw deals is the real deal. I have bought from them since the beginning which has been over a year now. never had any problems. always go above and beyond for me and my kids.


Tina Earnest  recommends StwDeals.

- Great deals, quick delivery. love you guys.


Humberto Contreras Rodríguez  recommends StwDeals.

- excellent, fast delivery, I like buy here.


Jessica Rountree Lamb  recommends StwDeals.

- Awesome company!!! Super fast delivery of items and their prices are unbeatable! 


Steven Eubank  recommends StwDeals.

- Hands down, best customer service and hospitality, very punctual as well as generous, I HIGHLY recommend.


Dana Engel  recommends StwDeals.

- Smoothe, fast and easy transactions with the best prices out there! I'm so glad I found your site!!!!


Chris Biga Simao  recommends StwDeals.

- awesome team great prices and service


HG Challis  recommends StwDeals.

- My son spend about $10 of his hard earned money on some STW weapons and I held my breath the whole time he wouldn't be scammed. The site/seller don't ask for any more info than your STW name, and you can use Paypal to insure you get money back iof you get ripped off - though you won't need to. He got everything he bought within a few minutes and the STW person was patient while my kid recycled inventory to make room, and helpful since I didn't know how it worked and don't play myself. Hopefully this helps someone else feel confident about getting STW stuff here!


Allen Bristow  recommends StwDeals.

- this is a growing community and it may take time to complete orders. but they will persist and complete your order. thank you for the service.


John Bedford  recommends StwDeals.

- very professional get what you pay for every time.


Antonio Salmeron  recommends StwDeals.

- 24/7 service respectful and listens to what you say


Chase Parrish  recommends StwDeals.

- Bought what I needed, and the order was taken care of literally instantly. Just be in game and ready.


Marilyn Tucker  Very Kind Comment - This company is a part of my family everyone that works at STW deals are my family. I've never been treated with so much respect and loyalty and love from any other company ever in my 68 years on this earth. These people care for there customers. They go above and beyond to give way above excellent customer service. 
 I would never ever buy any of my stw items anywhere else. Never. I've been a customer for over a year just right after they opened their awesome honest caring people. 



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Family Vlogs and Blogs says :

Amazing Service

Amazing Service! It’s a little slow but other than that it’s amazing! Would definitely recommend buying from here :)



Issac Reiehm says :

Best Service Ever

I’ve bought from STWDEALS many times and they never let me down. I’ve spent around $40 on this service and I always received fast delivery, and the cheapest in game items.



Sneezydwarf says :

Quality service

Quality service, cheap items, instant delivery.



Vlad Olteanu says :

Really cool and legit site

Really cool and legit site, cheap items, fast delivery, refund guarantee, that's all you'd like from a site. 5 stars



Lyssa says :

I worried to buy like this,so bought…

I worried to buy like this,so bought one small item first. I had no problem so bought from again same day. Team was great and very professional.I will buy from again.



PokeEllas says :





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