How to Buy?

Step 1 - Add items to shopping cart.

Step 2 - Click on Cart icon top right of website

Step 3 - Enter your Fortnite display / epic name in checkout comments.



If you are on ps4 or xbox You will need top set up epic. Its really quick and easy. You can find your epic name at the top right corner after you login to

Step 4 - Click go to Checkout or Paypal

You can still pay with your debit/credit card even if you don't have paypal. Press Paypal on next screen pay with debit or credit card. 

Step 5 - Enter Contact Info

Enter Phone number or email and billing address.Epic name and xbox or ps4 name

Step 6 - Enter Discount Code

If you received a discount code in the mail, through giveaway,  social media (make sure to follow us on facebook twitter and instagram for discount codes). Please put discount code in the discount code box. If you have gift card put it in same box. 

Step 7 - Click on continue to payment method

Step 8 - Click on complete order

You can still pay with your debit/credit card even if you don't have paypal. 

Step 9 - Write down your order number

Step 10 - Click on chat bottom right hand corner of website

Make sure to put in chat your order number and your epic name. Talk to customer service rep. They will give you an epic name to add. If your display / xbox/ps4 name is different then your epic name please leave both names. 

Step 11 - Add or accept friend request from person delivering items.

After your order, after you gave our customer service rep your order number and epic name, talk to customer service rep in chat about who to add for delivery. After they give you the name add them as friend in epic or accept friend request. 

Step 12 - Join the person delivering items and pick up your items

After you add the delivery person as a friend join there game wait for them to drop items and pick them up right away.

Step 13 - Enjoy your items

Thank you for buying from us!


Tip- Signup and login to website to save your contact info so you don't have to add it every time you make purchase.